Frequently Asked Questions

3DLabz have been in the field of Animation and 3D rendering for more than a decade, during which time, we have expanded our horizons in terms of knowledge and experience. This FAQ page has been set up primarily to answer many of the questions that were frequently thrown at us.


Company, Location,Price,Terms,Payment etc..

Where is your company located? How big is your team?

3DLabz is registered in Hong Kong, with an administrative office in India. We have numerous production centers, which are all scattered around the world. More than 200 artists work on our projects, and they keep the wheel turning in our production centers based in China, Vietnam and Poland.

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How do we trust a firm located in another country / continent with our intellectual material?

We follow non disclosure norms with strict adherence. We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with firms, on request. Utmost security and precaution is employed in ensuring data protection, and we take whatever means necessary to protect the secrecy and sanctity of data, images, and information that are the properties of our clients.

Can you give a ballpark price for my project?

Our proposals are mainly based on the projects we undertake and on our client’s requirements. As each client’s requirements are different, we cannot go with a fixed flat rate for different projects. We can provide quotes or estimate via email or phone on knowing your requirements.

Will you be able to send your works without any watermark?

No. We used to share our works with our watermark only.

Do you work with only large companies?

No. We cater to all types of companies, from start-ups to corporate round the world.

Do you have an office in our city? Can you send someone to our office for a preliminary discussion about the project?

Our modus operandi is mainly virtual, and that is the way we do our business. All communication, with regards to the project takes place through the internet, and this includes briefing, project management, file exchange, previews and delivery can be initiated virtually from anywhere with ease.

You needn’t have any qualms on this regard, as we will establish the best possible online communication channel with you.

How do you work with a company in another country /city without having any direct meeting?

We cater for clients worldwide and not having any difficulty to work remotely with our customers. Over the last 10 years, we have found it comfortable to work on projects and have executed a number of successful projects by working in this method. Given that we will be keeping in contact with you throughout the project, via FTP uploads, emails, Skype and phone/web conferences, etc. you will feel like we are working right next to you.

How do you accept project files from us?

For any file that has a size of 10Mb or less, you can send it as an email attachment. Else you may share it via Dropbox or Wetransfer.com, through which sharing of large files is possible. On an additional note, we can also setup an account in our server through which file transfer is possible.

How are the final files transferred to the client?

We commonly use email as a medium of transfer. However, for files that exceed the 10Mb size, they are compressed and uploaded to our server. The link will be provided to you, through which you can access and download the files. Dropbox and Wetransfer.com is also used as per the client’s convenience.

What are your payment terms?

For any project we undertake, we accept 50% of the total fee as advance, and the balance after completion of the work. Final files, devoid of our watermark, will be send only after the balance payment has been cleared.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and MoneyGram for your convenience.


Walkthrough, 3D Rendering, Floor Plan design etc..

What are the different kinds of materials/information that you would need to create a walkthrough?
    1. Design drawings (AutoCAD files preferred) – Floor plan, Elevation drawings, Site plan
    2. Material reference – Reference images for the type of materials used for the exterior and interior styles
    3. Draft script – The areas of the project that you wish to show in the animation is included in the draft script. We can also give our suggestions and refine the animation script.
    4. Video resolution – The resolution that you would like your animation to be in. We normally do the walk-through animation in half-HD (1280x720) and full-HD (1920x1080). If you are planning to show your animation on big screen using a projector, then it’s better to go with full HD resolution.
    5. Voice over – If you want us to make arrangements for the voice-over recording, provide us with the script for the same.
What is the production process and how much time does it take to produce a 3D Walkthrough animation?

In order to produce a walk-through animation of 2 to 4 minutes, it would take nearly 30-40 days. The production process involves the following steps:

    1. 3D Modeling – All the buildings in your project will be modeled in this step, and we will send to you the 3D model draft images for any changes or approval.
    2. Camera Path Movie – Once you approve the 3D models, we will prepare a wire-frame movie that shows how the camera movement inside the animation. It will also include all the details to be shown.
    3. Preview Images – We will prepare preview images for each and every area, so you will be able to see how they will look in the final animation.
    4. Final rendering – Once you approve the preview images, we will render the animation and add any voice-over or music if required.
Will you be able to do camera tracking/video montage in the walkthrough?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we have done it for a few of our projects. For this process, you would have to shoot the video in good quality, avoiding any camera jerks, enabling us to add a 3D model of the project into the live video. checkout our work

Do you have the expertise to make the walkthrough animation in 3D Stereoscopic?

Yes. We have the required experience to do so. 3D Stereoscopic is a virtual reality animation, where viewers can get a feel of moving about inside an apartment or resort or their homes. In order to watch 3D Stereoscopic movies, you would need special projectors and red-blue glasses. more information

Are your finished 3D Renderings suitable for print media?

Yes. Our renderings are suitable for use in a variety of print media. Depending on the specifications, we can provide images of resolution up to 4000 pixels, in a variety of formats. All you need to do is let us know what format your printer takes, and we will email it to you directly.

Can your renderings be utilized in billboard?

Usually, the 3D images that we deliver are of 4000 pixels. However, if you need the final images in very high resolution, then you need to inform us before the final rendering. Moreover, we charge extra for high resolution rendering.

Will you charge an additional fee if we need some changes?

The previews are allowed a maximum of 3 revisions before any additional charges are levied. Any additional change request will be charged based on the work needed.


Animation Series, TV Commercial, Special Effects, Pre-Production etc..

What are the services offered under cartoon animation?

Our skilled team of animators at 3DLabz has enough experience and expertise in all fields pertaining to character animation. Therefore, you can rest assured that our team will be able to take care of the project from script to screen in the best possible way.

We have a wide range of cartoon character animation services at our disposal:

How do you charge normally for 3D Cartoon Animation?

Quoting a price without any knowledge of client requirements is next to impossible. There are a lot of factors to be considered when calculating the price for producing 3D cartoon animation, like:

  • Quality level – We will need reference links to some animations (YouTube/Vimeo links) to know what quality level the client will be expecting.
  • Scope of Work – The client should inform us whether they will be providing us with the Storyboard, Character design etc. or whether we would have to do the whole production from scratch.
  • Length of Animation - Based on the length of animation, the price per minute for the animation will be much lesser.
  • Video Resolution – 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080
  • Voiceover & Background Music – We need to know whether the client will provide the audio files, or whether we would have to take care of it.
Do you have a team for 2D Animation series?

Yes, we do. We produce 2D animation employing Flash, as well as hand drawn sketches.


Product 3D Design, Animation, 360 Spin Animation etc..

Can you do product 3D design with Solidworks?

Yes. We have at our disposal a professional team who are an expert in using Solidworks to create 3D designs. You can check out some of our works in Solidworks.

Do you use MODO for product design and product animation?

Yes. Some of our clients prefer their product designed only in MODO. You can go through some of the product images and animation that we have done using MODO. View our works


Medical Illustration, Medical Animation etc..

Will you be able to sign an NDA with us?

Yes, we will be able to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with firms on request.

What kind of information and materials you need from us to produce a medical animation?

A draft storyline is necessary for us to understand what you would like to view in the animation. Apart from that, we require adequate reference images, reference links (YouTube/Vimeo) etc.

Contact Us for a sample medical animation storyboard.

What does MoA stand for?

MoA is an abbreviation for “Mode of Action”, or “Mechanism of Action”. It refers to the way an active substance works. When considering pharma communication, this is an area that finds good use through 3D animations.

Can I buy medical animations and illustrations already done at 3DLabz?

No. Every work we have done is tailored on the individual needs of our clients.

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