From the black and films of the bygone days, today we have come a long way with revolutions in colours, sounds, dynamics and special effects. In the near past, cinematography has made stunning signs of developments by producing films in 3D. Taking innovative steps further ahead, virtual realities like 4Ds, 5Ds, 6Ds and XDs have made 3Ds a common thing.

5D movies are enhanced 4D movies with additional physical effects in synchronization with the film. In a 4D movie, 3D visual effects are combined with special simulations like chair movements including vibrations, sways, tilts, wave motions, or movements to any direction and other special effects, like wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers. 5D movies, goes one more step ahead, by introducing additional hall effects, such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smells etc.

5d theater company

While stereo 3D image allows to see only volumetric picture, 5D Theater allows to plunge into the world of a virtual reality by means of mobile platforms with armchairs which move synchronically with a picture which is shown on the screen, and also, by means of additional 5D special effects , such as wind, rain, snow, fog, smells, etc. Such figures as 4D 5D, 6D, 7D... XD means advantage over 3D image, but different producers classify their film attractions in a different way, however we still speak about the same notion.

Or in other words, 5D is a thrilling movie experience with a combination of 3D and 4D effects with additional motion programming.


5D Theater

5D Theater concept is a relatively new concept in India. With the 4D special effects added in theatres, one can experience a proximity to the objects in movies, but not a feel. In a 5D Theatre, 3D and 4D effects are combined with a state of art sound effects and simulations to leave the audience excited and demanding for more. 5D Theatres combines the 3D effects with features like moving seats and a combination of scents, wind, lightning, or water sprayed into your face. You will sit riveted to the seats as things start unfolding in front of your eyes.

With introduction of a 5D effect, the theatre screen ceases to be a platform. The whole theatre infrastructure- roof, walls, seats, etc combines in for a complete live experience with sound, motion, touches and much more to give an electrifying cinematic experience.

5D Theater Potentials

5D Theater installation works for educational as well as recreational purposes and covers a wide segment of potential customers and viewers. As the 3d movies are of short duration, audience turnouts will be higher than 3D theatres. 5D concepts in edutainment can target a very large customer segment. So, installation of 5D theatres promises a very good return for your investment. Setting up a 5D Theatre is an exciting future business opportunity for dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs.

Experience the 5D with 3DLabz :

At 3D Labz, technology mixes with innovation, offering you a whole new generation 5D experience. We are pioneers in India for an interactive technology to take you to the next generation of movie-going experience.
Experience and cutting edge technological capabilities takes 3D Labz as one of the leading providers of 5D cinema and motion effect seat simulators for:

• Malls
• Theme Parks
• Theatres
• Museums
• Planetariums
• Expos
• Edutainment Centres

5D Theater Technology & Features
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5D Motion :

Our 5D motion seats boast complex 2DOF- 3 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion. While others offering a simple 3 DOF which only have the ability to tilt from side to side and front to back, our complex 3 DOF motion base goes beyond that by tilting diagonally in any direction. Furthermore our motion base are capable of acceleration, deceleration, stopping, holding, and much more effects like “float”, “buck”, “drop”, etc. This full range of advanced motion allows us to recreate most movements with accuracy, yielding an amazing experience!

Being a long time in the market and using the new technology, we have developed a unique offering for your business - "5D Cinema for 4 seats” in 2 types of 2-DOF Electric platform. The advantage of this platform is:

• More reliable design
• No noise at work platform
• No need servicing like of hydraulics, pneumatics system

Special Effects :

3D Labz offer the most advanced 5D Theater effects in the market. Below mentioned are the 5D theater effects offered by us:

• Vibration Effect- built into each seat
• Mice Effect - mounted under each seat to tickle feet
• Rain Effect- water spray on a given perimeter with automatic dispensers
• Wind Effect - airflow between the chairs with wind turbines
• Soap Bubble Effect - bubbles of different sizes and throws them at a distance of 10 meters
• Fog and Smoke Effect- created by smoke generator
• Lightning Effect- creates bright flashes of lightning and explosion.
• Hurricane Effect- a powerful stream of air with a wind effect.
• Snow Effect- effect of the fall of heavy snow (snow-foam)

Our company uses high quality international hardware brands like: Siemens, Lenze, Shneider-electric, LS Industrial Systems, which ensures long-term, stable and reliable operation of the 5D Theater.

We supply 5D cinema theater effects with flat or radial curved (cylindrical) screens. The main difference is that cylindrical screen picture parallax is deeper than the flat screen.

Affordability :

There are a number of reasons why we are so competitively priced. The most prominent reason is that we offer an efficient 4 seat motion base system (instead of a single seat motion base). In addition, we manufacture our own entire motion base and control systems, and thereby save the payments to middleman, which ultimately results in client’s benefit.


Lowering costs are the prime benefit of offshore outsourcing of 5D projects. You can get work done at a fraction of the cost that you would have to spend locally, while getting better quality as well.